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This section contains Parish Council documents, Neighbourhood Plan documents and an archive of documents from early years.  Parish Council meeting agendas and minutes are under a separate heading, follow the link on the left of the page to 'Meetings and Minutes'.

Current Parish Council documents are now posted online, and are available as Adobe PDF files. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Click here for Council Meeting dates and Minutes and Agendas.

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Name  Size  Type
!!Covid-19 general advice sheet.pdf (12.1KB) !!Covid-19 general advice sheet.pdf 12.1KB Adobe Acrobat Document
!Local Supports 2020.04.06.pdf (22.4KB) !Local Supports 2020.04.06.pdf 22.4KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Allotments.pdf (8.3KB) Allotments.pdf 8.3KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Closing of Dunsfold Surgery and prescriptions.pdf (13.3KB) Closing of Dunsfold Surgery and prescriptions.pdf 13.3KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Community Meals Service.pdf (51.8KB) Community Meals Service.pdf 51.8KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Deaths and Funerals Information.pdf (11.1KB) Deaths and Funerals Information.pdf 11.1KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Domestic Abuse - Help.pdf (572.9KB) Domestic Abuse - Help.pdf 572.9KB Adobe Acrobat Document
GNS Leaflet Chiddingfold Coronavirus Help Available.pdf (158.4KB) GNS Leaflet Chiddingfold Coronavirus Help Available.pdf 158.4KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Grass Cutting Arrangements.pdf (7.8KB) Grass Cutting Arrangements.pdf 7.8KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Loan shark advice.pdf (88.1KB) Loan shark advice.pdf 88.1KB Adobe Acrobat Document
NHS volunteers.pdf (24.6KB) NHS volunteers.pdf 24.6KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Rubbish Recycling Bonfires.pdf (16.2KB) Rubbish Recycling Bonfires.pdf 16.2KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Safe Surfaces?.pdf (6.9KB) Safe Surfaces?.pdf 6.9KB Adobe Acrobat Document
SSE update 2020.03.23.pdf (18.6KB) SSE update 2020.03.23.pdf 18.6KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Testing Arrangements.pdf (135.1KB) Testing Arrangements.pdf 135.1KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Testing Scams Info.docx (15KB) Testing Scams Info.docx 15KB Microsoft Word Document
Working During Coronavirus Info.pdf (9.4KB) Working During Coronavirus Info.pdf 9.4KB Adobe Acrobat Document